Transforming Healthcare Documentation

Introducing DoctorEase AI, a revolutionizing healthcare documentation bot that provides a seamless solution for Medical Transcription Medical Reports Summarization and Electronic Health Records (EHR) 
Our platform simplifies the healthcare documentation process, making it easier than ever to create, manage, and access crucial medical information.
Medical Transcription
Medical Reports Summarization
Electronic Health
Records (EHR) API Connectivity

Medical Summaries Simplified

Hand-free Summary

Our AI-powered platform makes it easy to quickly generate medical summaries that highlight the most important information from a patient’s medical history

Ask It Anything

Our chatbot answers questions based on your medical report context.​

A Powerful Helper

No more sifting through pages of notes or struggling to distill complex medical terminology.

Easily Accessible History of Medical Summaries and Transcriptions

Our platform keeps track of all generated summaries and transcriptions, making it easy for medical professionals to quickly review a patient’s medical history and get up to speed on their current condition. No more digging through old files or trying to decipher messy handwriting.

Reduce Labor Cost and Save Thousands

Our AI-powered platform drastically reduces the time and effort required to generate medical summaries and transcriptions, freeing up medical professionals to focus on what they do best: providing top-quality care to their patients. No more spending hours manually compiling and formatting reports.

Easily Search and Export Reports or Transcripts

With DoctorEase AI, finding and exporting reports or transcripts is a breeze. Our user-friendly interface allows you to search for specific documents and seamlessly export them when needed. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual document retrieval.

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