Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Introducing the pioneering wearable cardiac ECG monitor, featuring a built-in 4G cellular connection for swifter data transmission, enhanced comfort, and superior arrhythmia detection.

Introducing the only wearable cardiac monitor with built-in cellular connectivity

Simpler. Quicker. Superior.

• Enhance patient comfort with a sleek design, eliminating the need for a second device.
• Real-time review of symptomatic events.
• Access to on-demand HeartTimeTM Telemetry Mode.
• 24/7 monitoring conducted by experienced technicians.
• Uninterrupted cellular connectivity.

Elevated Comfort.

Discover the advantages of our one-piece, water-resistant, and lightweight design, complete with repositionable electrodes for added comfort and flexibility

More Compliance.

Experience uninterrupted monitoring with our continuous cellular connectivity, coupled with daily compliance checks for enhanced reliability and peace of mind.

Enhanced Monitoring.

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring and personalized notifications, ensuring every heartbeat is securely stored in the cloud for your peace of mind.

Is Your Practice Ready to Begin Remote Cardiac Monitoring?

Experience the convenience and flexibility of remote cardiac monitoring services that seamlessly integrate into the demands of modern clinical practice.

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